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Breaking Tradition- Euro Pane Egg Salad Sandwich

May 31, 2011

It has been too long since I posted a new recipe so I better make this one worth the wait. This little sandwich is a recent addition to my repertoire. This sandwich is based on an egg salad sandwich from a restaurant in Pasadena California called Euro Pane. I have never eaten their sandwich but I saw it featured on television and wanted one really badly. Now I live in Southern California but that does not mean I am willing to drive to Pasadena for an egg salad. So I recreated the sandwich for myself, and if it is wrong then I don’t want to be right. This isn’t your mama’s egg salad. You won’t ever find this popping up in a Power Ranger lunchbox. The main thing that sets this sandwich apart is the fact that it uses medium boiled eggs rather than hard boiled.

Now for you egg salad purists this is going to be a little weird. You’re probably already thinking: why is the yolk soft?! Trust me here. That soft yolk makes all the difference. It also means less needed mayonnaise which means less calories, which any girl can get behind. Also it makes sense right? Which do you prefer the dry tasteless powder of a hard boiled yolk? Or the creamy richness of a runny yolk mixing with the deliciousness of hollandaise sauce on your benedict? Think carefully.

The other great thing about this is if you cannot do it exactly,  you will still end up with a really yummy sandwich.

Here is what you need:

2 medium to large eggs

baby greens

really good bread (preferably sourdough)

Olive Oil

Red Pepper Pesto or tapenade from a jar (if desired and available)



Chives (Don’t need but really elevates the flavor)

Lemon Wedge (I highly recommend)

So the hardest part of about this recipe is getting the eggs boiled correctly.  So far this way has worked best for me:  take two eggs at room temperature (important), cover them in water and start a boiling, when water is at boiling point let them boil for 3 1/2 minutes, take out immediately and run under cool water to stop cooking process (that is the dangerous part especially when you bare hand it like me), stick in fridge till completely cool.

Take a pan and get it really hot.  Drizzle your bread with a little olive oil and place in pan until nice and toasted on both sides, I like it to get a little char just at the edges.

Top the slice of bread with the thinnest layer of the red pepper pesto.   This just adds a little extra wow factor.

Top with some baby greens (Notice this is missing from the picture, which is because I obviously got hungry and missed a step in my anticipation to get the photo taken).  It adds a nice green element to the sandwich but can make the egg a bit unruly and messy.

Take your cool eggs and mix them up with just enough mayo to bind them (I like to leave my egg pieces a little large), add a little salt/pepper.

Top your bread and greens with the egg mixture then sprinkle on some trimmed or diced chives.

Add squeeze of lemon juice and knife and fork your way to egg salad heaven.


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